01. What

The Wine Estate

Masi Tupungato is a winemaking project developed in Argentina by Masi, an Italian company with origins in Valpolicella in 1772, producing quality wines from the Venetian regions and a leader in the Amarone sector.

02. Sustainability

A Fertile Land

Masi has found the right cultural and environmental conditions for the use of the grapes and techniques native to the Venetian regions in the Tupungato valley, Mendoza region. Masi has taken its philosophy of care and respect for the environment to this region, creating a totally eco-sustainable company.

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The first plantings with different grape varieties – Venetian and Argentinean – were made in the 1990s, in order to assess their potential and their compatibility with the new environment. "Argentinian soul, Venetian style” is the philosophy behind Masi Tupungato.

03. Wines

Organic Agriculture

Passo Doble, Passo Blanco and Corbec are the organic wines produced by Masi Tupungato, fully certified beginning with the 2015 vintage. They unite the exuberance of Argentinean nature with the attractive and elegant style of Venetian wines.

Our Wines

Our Grapes





04. Masi Style


This ideal vine growing region provides the right conditions for carrying out post-harvest grape appassimento, a winemaking technique typical of the Veneto and one for which Masi is internationally acknowledged as having great expertise.

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05. Grape Selection

Unique Grape Varieties

Today, two emblematic Argentinean varieties, Malbec and Torrontés, share the soil at Masi Tupungato with two grape varieties native to the Venetian regions: Corvina, which is the key to the unique qualities of Amarone and the top wines of Valpolicella, and Pinot Grigio, which is the most modern of the Italian white grapes. The wines they produce are original and versatile, making the best out of the meeting between these two cultures and producing something unique in the Argentinean wine sector.