01 . Think Green


Masi Tupungato is a heaven for native flora and fauna. With complete respect for this unique terroir, Masi has integrated its own techniques into the winery and created an eco-sustainable reality in which important oases of biodiversity are maintained in the context of organic agriculture.

02 . Argentinean Passion

Respect For The Land

Care and respect for the environment are part of the Masi company culture and philosophy. The thought behind this is our thankfulness for the bounty of the land: it has always been generous in its gifts and we should repay it for its richness and generosity.
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03. Wines

Nature And Authenticity

Passo Doble, Passo Blanco and Corbec are the three Masi Tupungato wines, all produced with organic methods. They combine the exuberance of Argentinean nature with the attractive style and elegance of wines from the Veneto.

Our Wines

04 . Welcome To Paradise

Nature Reserves

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05. Conservation

Nature Trail

The structure of the land and the ecosystem have been respected with the conservation of 11 “cerros” or small hills, extending to 20 hectares of uncultivated land. One of these is currently set up as an authentic nature trail for visitors with local flora and fauna to discover.

Grey fox


Pedriz del Monte

Wild Boar

Guinea Pig

Burrowing Parrot

Capparis Atamisquea

Larrea Cuneifolia

Ligaria Cuneifolia

Lycium Tenuispinosum

Opuntia Sulphurea

Senna Aphylla

06 . Welcome

Casa Corvina

Spaces on the estate have been set up for cultural and gastronomic educational purposes. Here guests benefit from a unique experience in a dedicated area benefiting from appropriate conditions.

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